Expert Diagnosis and Treatment of Abdominal Pain Gastritis for Patients in New Jersey

We’ve all had short-lasting abdominal pain at some point or another. Maybe you overindulged at dinner or caught a stomach virus. Many times, brief stomach pain is actually acute gastritis. Gastritis is simply the medical term for an inflammation of the stomach lining.

Acute gastritis generally resolves within 24 to 48 hours and may be accompanied by nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. However, gastritis that fails to get better or occurs frequently is known as chronic gastritis. Chronic gastritis needs expert gastritis specialist’s evaluation to determine the underlying cause, and experienced gastritis doctor can help.

Abdominal Pain and Gastritis Possible Causes

The stomach is introduced to foreign substances every day. Every bite of food or drink that you take has the potential to irritate and inflame your stomach lining. Additionally, microorganisms like bacteria and viruses often cause stomach upset. While everybody gets indigestion from time to time, you should call Advanced Gastro Center if your symptoms or severe, occur frequently, or won’t resolve.

Abdominal Pain and Gastritis Treatment

The fact is that abdominal pain has numerous possible causes. These range from the relatively innocuous to quite serious. If your pain is chronic or intense, don’t take chances. Have it checked out by a gastroenterologist to be on the safe side!


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