Complete care and treatment for anal fissure for patients in New Jersey

Anal Fissure Overview

The anal fissure is the medical term for a tear at the anus. This tear involves the anal mucosa, or soft, moist tissue. An anal fissure may also extend into the anal sphincter, the ring of muscle that allows the anus to open and close.

Anal Fissure Symptoms

The main symptoms of an anal fissure are pain and bleeding. These symptoms may be increased with a bowel movement, exercise, or straining of the muscles in the area of the buttocks. The pain is often a burning sensation and may be accompanied by itching.

Anal Fissure Possible Causes

Anal fissures are most common in babies, but people of any age may still suffer from an anal fissure. The most frequent cause is straining during a bowel movement, particularly when constipated. Anal fissures can also result from exercise, accidents, childbirth, and cancer of the anus.

Anal Fissure Diagnosis

For most anal fissures, the diagnosis is fairly straightforward. New Jersey anal fissure specialists will often be able to make the diagnosis simply by examining your anal area, although a digital rectal examination may also be necessary. If your gastroenterologist suspects an additional condition as a cause of your anal fissure, they may perform other diagnostic procedures, like a sigmoidoscopy.

Anal Fissure Treatment

The majority of anal fissures can be treated with sitz baths and topical creams. These creams will reduce swelling, protect the tear, promote healing, and ease the pain. In the event of a particularly severe or recurring anal fissure, your gastroenterologist may recommend surgery to repair the problem.

Adhering to a healthy diet with plenty of fiber can help prevent anal fissures. However, even minor anal fissures should be discussed with a gastroenterologist to ensure there is no infection or serious underlying condition.


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