Expert Diagnosis and Treatment of Colon Polyps for Patients in New Jersey

Colon Polyps Overview

Colon polyps are growths that are often found in the colon, also called the large intestine. While most colon polyps are benign and harmless, some do develop into colon cancer. Since colon polyps rarely cause noticeable symptoms, it is crucial that people over 50 have regular colon cancer screening.

Colon Polyps Symptoms

Some colon polyps may bleed, and this may be visible as blood in the stool. Often, the amount of blood is not sufficient to detect with the naked eye. This is why occult stool blood tests are used by gastroenterologists, to check for tiny amounts of blood in the stool.

However, the majority of colon polyps produce no symptoms and can only be seen during colonoscopy.

Possible Causes of Colon Polyps

Colon polyps are more common in people over age 50. Family history also plays a role in colon polyps and the likelihood of developing colon cancer. There is also evidence to suggest that those who are overweight and have unhealthy diets are more prone to both colon polyps and colon cancer. Finally, patients who have ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease may form inflammatory colon polyps.

Colon Polyps Diagnosis

Diagnosis of colon polyps is made through a colonoscopy. During a colonoscopy, the gastroenterologist examines your colon using a tube equipped with a camera. If they encounter any polyps, New Jersey gastroenterological doctors will remove them and send them to a pathologist for inspection. Again, the vast majority of colon polyps are benign, but you can’t take risks when it comes to colon cancer.

Colon Polyps Treatment

For most colon polyps, simple removal is the only treatment necessary. Gastroenterological doctors in New Jersey will take measures to control any bleeding from removed polyps. Your gastroenterologist may recommend more frequent colonoscopies or other screening methods based on the type, number, and location of any polyps found.


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