Expert Diagnosis and Treatment of Heartburn for Patients in New Jersey

Heartburn Overview

Heartburn is an incredibly common condition, especially among Americans. A poor diet and obesity can certainly put you at risk for heartburn, but heartburn is also experienced by people of normal weight who consume a healthy diet.

Heartburn Symptoms

The most common symptoms of heartburn are a burning sensation in the throat and upper chest. These symptoms usually occur up to two hours following a meal and may be aggravated by eating spicy or acidic food, consuming alcohol, or laying down. Since heartburn can sometimes cause chest pain similar to that experienced with a heart attack, you should always seek medical attention of a specialist heartburn doctor.

Heartburn that is severe, accompanied by vomiting or a persistent cough or occurs more than twice a week needs to be checked out. This may be gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a condition that can cause damage to the upper gastrointestinal tract over time.

Heartburn & GERD Treatment

Most doctors will first try medication for frequent or severe heartburn. These may be proton pump inhibitors, like omeprazole, or H2 blocker drugs, such as ranitidine.

More severe GERD cases may need diagnostic tests like a pH capsule endoscopy or an esophageal motility study, which shows the movement of the muscles in your esophagus.

New Jersey gastroenterological doctors may also recommend lifestyle changes to prevent or lessen your heartburn. These include measures like raising the head of your bed to sleep, avoiding eating for several hours before bedtime, weight loss, and an altered diet.


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