Expert Diagnosis and Treatment of Hemorrhoids for Patients in New Jersey

Hemorrhoids Overview

Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins in and around the anus. They are usually painful, often embarrassing, and always a legitimate medical concern. Although hemorrhoids are extremely unlikely to cause life-threatening complications, they can be incredibly frustrating and troublesome.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Symptoms of hemorrhoids include bleeding from the anal area, blood in the stool, anal itching and burning, pain when sitting, and swollen masses in or outside of the anus. Not all hemorrhoids bleed, and hemorrhoids may be internal or external.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Many causes of hemorrhoids are unknown, but they often develop from straining during bowel movements and in pregnant women. Obese individuals are at a higher risk of developing hemorrhoids. A diet low in fiber is another risk factor.

Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Many hemorrhoids can be treated with over the counter remedies that reduce pain and swelling, such as witch hazel solutions. Sitz baths are also often quite helpful. In the case of hemorrhoids that fail to respond to home treatments, you should consult a professional gastroenterologist at Advanced Gastro Center in New Jersey.

New Jersey gastroenterological professionals will perform a physical exam with a visual inspection and may also do a digital rectal exam. Although surgical hemorrhoidectomies are available, many hemorrhoids can be treated in the office. They can be injected with specific chemicals, removed with heat or lasers, or ligated with rubber bands. Rubber band ligation is accomplished by tying a few rubber bands around the hemorrhoid base. This cuts off the blood supply, and hemorrhoid will fall off on its own within about a week. This procedure is effective but should only be performed by a medical professional.


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