Get Rid of Painful Hemorrhoids with Expert Care from Advanced Gastro Center in New Jersey

Overview of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are painful, embarrassing, and incredibly frustrating. While over-the-counter remedies may help temporarily, for severe or persistent hemorrhoids, you need professional treatment like that available at Advanced Gastro Center.

Hemorrhoids Removal Procedure

We use an advanced banding system for hemorrhoids. It requires no preparation or fasting. In fact, it is painless, and there is no anesthesia needed. One of our expert gastroenterologists applies bands to your hemorrhoids, cutting off the blood and nutrient supply. Later, hemorrhoid falls off on its own. The entire procedure takes just a few minutes.

Recovery from Hemorrhoid Removal

There is practically no recovery associated with hemorrhoid banding at New Jersey Advanced Gastro Center. Since no anesthesia is used, you do not need to be monitored after the procedure. You can even return to work the same day.

We understand how troublesome hemorrhoids can be. Call Advanced Gastro Center now and let your New Jersey professional doctors definitively get rid of your hemorrhoids.


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